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The Shed Ski Hire

4 Nettin Crt.
Jindabyne NSW
Tel: 02 6456 2711
Email: (email us here)

Opening Hours
7am - 7pm
7am - LATE
7am - 7pm
7am - 8pm

Visit our Maps page to find your way to The Shed Ski Hire in Nettin Circuit, Jindabyne

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Conditions of Insurance

$1 per day per set of skis   $2 per day per snowboard

  1. Breakage and damage insurance does NOT cover loss or theft.
  2. Breakage and damage insurance only covers skis, poles and boards.
  3. Loss or theft incurs full replacement cost of equipment.
  4. I shall be responsible for damage, however caused to the goods and equipment.
  5. I shall be reasonable for the return of all the equipment in good working order.
  6. No condition or warranty is expressed or implied as to the safety or fitness of the goods and equipment and The Shed Ski Hire will not accept reasonability for any loss, injury or damage from any cause whatsoever.
  7. I therefore release The Shed Ski Hire and its owners, agents and employees from any and all liability for any damage and injury to myself or to any other persons or property in form the selection, adjustment and use of this equipment, accepting myself the full responsibility for and all such damage or injury which may result.