Ski Hire Jindabyne - from Snowy Mountains Skis

Hire Your Skis in Jindabyne, Snowy Mountains NSW

Ski Hire in Jindabyne offers great advantages for all your ski equipment hire in Jindabyne this winter. Check out the fantastic deals available at The Shed, where ski hire from our conveniently located Jindabyne centre is guaranteed to meet your needs.

Ski Hire From The Shed in Jindabyne offers you:

  • Experienced skiers on our staff to help with your hire
  • Full range of skis, boots & accessories
  • No deposit required if drivers licence is produce

Check out our 2011 rates - for Jindabyne ski hire.

Snow Safety Tips from Ski Hire Jindabyne
If you or your family are heading for the slopes this winter there are a few simple steps to take that will help avoid risk to you and your family.

What to do before you go out in snow
Plan your skiing day according to your ability and local weather conditions.
Plan to ski well within your physical capacity and level of experience, and make sure you ski with at least one other person. It is also a good idea to tell somebody where you will be skiing and when you estimate you will return.

Correct clothing
Choose appropriate clothing according to local weather conditions. Layer clothing for maximum comfort. Wear water resistant clothes, sturdy ski-type gloves or mittens, and one pair of wool or moisture-absorbent type socks are essential.

Sudden weather changes
In mountainous country sudden weather changes are a common occurrence, therefore be adequately prepared for a sudden weather changes by carrying additional warm clothing in a small pack or belt bag.

Additional Equipment
Eyewear, sunglasses or goggles can greatly add to your comfort and performance. Wear sunscreen and lip protection to further protect against the weather. Check out slope conditions and weather reports! Knowing what to expect from the weather can help prepare you for a wonderful experience.
When venturing away from patrolled ski areas be aware that you will generally be out of the reach of immediate first aid assistance, ski patrols, etc. Ensure you have extra dry clothing, plus the usual hat, gloves and eye protection. As large amounts of body heat can be lost from the head, it is a good idea to carry a thermally efficient balaclava.

If you lose your way
The most critical thing is to stop in the most sheltered spot you can quickly and easily get to. Wandering about for hours in bad weather is almost guaranteed to bring on hypothermia, plus make if more difficult for searchers to locate you. If you can, place your crossed skis upright in the snow in the most visible location you can find (even if it is some way from your place of shelter). The Australian snowfields do not experience the deadly -30C+ temperatures as seen in other countries.

Before winter comes around, it’s a great idea to channel some enthusiasm into a fitness program. Skiing and snowboarding are physically demanding and being fit ensures you will get maximum enjoyment out of your ski trip. Whether a beginner or expert, everyone can benefit from an exercise program. Exercising for a few weeks prior to your holiday will also help prevent injuries and improve your stamina on the slopes. All it takes is two or three workouts a week, such as a 20 to 30 minute warm-up of jogging or biking. Follow this with a series of strength and flexibility exercises that focus on your legs, core body strength, and upper body. Just partaking of a simple pre season exercise program is guaranteed to greatly increase your skiing enjoyment.

And... above all, make sure you ENJOY yourself!!!


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