Ski & Snowboard Clothing Rental

Stay Comfortable, Dry And Warm And Feel WONDERFUL This Year With Your Ski Clothes

Be snug as a bug as you carve up the slopes this year. Having the right ski pants, or jacket on the ski fields will make the difference between a fun and relaxing holiday and a tiring and uncomfortable nightmare! Where else could be better to get the right clothes than in Jindabyne itself?.
  • We're located in Jindabyne – so you won't have to guess if it's the right gear for you!
  • We have a massive range of clothing so that you can find the right size and amount of protection for you!
  • Our staff live, breathe and eat skiing, so we know exactly how much or little you need!


Every year, thousands upon thousands of holiday-makers come to Thredbo and the Snowy Mountains to relax and enjoy their time at the snow. Getting the right clothing is essential to staying safe, feeling comfortable and skiing or snowboarding in style!

To make sure you have a great time at the snow, it makes sense to purchase or hire your equipment when you get here. Not only will it be cheaper and less hassle than packing it in your car and driving it all the way from your home and back, but you'll know it's right. When you try it on, you'll be in the place you'll be using it, so you won't have to guess whether or not it'll work. You can just step outside and you'll know.

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Also, if you decide you'd like an extra ski jacket or you'd like to swap your down jacket for a different size, we'll be right around the corner, waiting and ready to help you. It's a big comfort to know that we're right there if you need a pit stop to change your clothes so that you can be back on the slopes in now time!

We also have experienced staff who've been on ski fields all over the world. They have both professional and personal experience and can tell you both the unwritten rules of how to dress for the snow. With simple tips like getting two pairs of socks so that one can be drying while you're skiing. This little trick sounds small, but it can boost your drying hours from 9 hours to 33 hours, meaning you have nice warm socks rather than cold ones while you ski. Ask anyone what it's like to ski with cold, damp socks and they'll all tell you – it's not fun!

It's that kind of attention to detail and skiing experience that has made us the best at what we do and kept our customers coming back year after year. So make sure that your ski or snowboarding trip is a fun and enjoyable one by getting your equipment from friendly and experienced professionals.

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