Rossignol Skis for Sale - FAQ

We receive many emails per week, often asking the same questions. The following are the most common and should help with your enquiry. Please feel free to email if you have a question that is not answered here. 

Why are these skis for sale in Sydney when the shop is in Jindabyne?

The Shed ski hire in Jindabyne is a designated ski hire facility removed from the main shopping area of Jindy. 99% of our customers come for ski hire, not to purchase. With this in mind and being closer to the population of Sydney we choose to sell our products online from our facility in Dee Why Sydney.

Can I pick up my skis in Sydney?

Yes you may at anytime (including weekends), by negotiation. Please ask Dave.

Im not totally sure what I want can I browse the skis at Dee Why?

No, sorry. If you are ready to buy you are more than welcome to compare a ski or two for sizes, but it just simply is not possible to have customers browse through the warehouse.

Why are your prices so there a catch?

No it is simple economics. There is only one of me in Sydney, largely selling online and as such our overheads are quite low. We choose to pass this onto our customers in the form of discounted skis. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see a person obtain a pair of skis they though were beyond their price range! There only catch here is a bargain for you!

Do you take offers?

The Internet is full of bargains, sure, but I find that some people take this a tad too far. Our prices are already the lowest in Australia and we have a price policy. So the answer here is a polite... No! We do offer small further discounts for people buying multiple skis in the one order.

Do you sell ex-demo or second hand skis?

I get asked this a lot. We sometimes have seconds or ex-demo skis. We list these skis as such for sale. Occasionally we sell our older stock from Jindabyne. Hey it doesn't hurt to ask!

Can I try before I buy?

We can give you a better one day hire rate on our 2016 Unique and Experience skis if your intention is to purchase. Please note this is on a one day hire only.

Do you have older stock and what is the discount?

Yes we carry stock from previous years, but it to tends to sell out. Again it doesn't hurt to ask, and the discount is usually 40-50% off retail.

Do all of your skis come with bindings?

Yes..all of them, unless specifically stated 'Sold Blank'this however does not mean the bindings are mounted. Please see below.

Are the bindings mounted?
In 2017 Rossignol have done away with TPX/Integrated binding systems in favour of open ski systems. This means ALL of our skis (with the exception of Women's Temptation 84's) need to have the bindings mounted. Binding mounting is $50 on top of the sale price. If you do not select bindings to be mounted they will turn up with the skis in a separate box. This is the same no matter who you buy from.
Tell me more about shipping please?

We ship with Fastway and occasionally other carriers to places such as rural WA or NT (yes there are skiers out there!) All of our shipments are tracked and door/door. You have to sign for your shipment for security reasons. Shipping is overnight from Sydney to places such as Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

We can and will ship overseas, however with the exception of New Zealand it tends to be cost prohibitive.

How much does it cost?

90% of people pay $40 for shipping. You will pay this if you live in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Canberra and places such as Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie. The best way to find out exactly how much shipping is to email me your postcode and town/suburb. Sydney and surrounds are approx $30.

How do I pay for skis that I want?

We take cash, EFT direct bank deposit or a credit card through Paypal only. Paypal is by far the safest and most convenient way to send money online and is used in almost every singe Ebay transaction. It has nothing whatsoever to do with money wire places such as Western Union. Paypal is quick, convenient and above all, safe. It takes less than 5 minutes to register. If you are unsure about Paypal ask anyone who regularly uses Ebay. More info on Paypal is here

Please note that all Paypal transaction incur a 2.5% service fee.

Do you sell other ski gear such as boots?

We stock skis only. We can access Rossignol snowboards. Please email.

Not answered here??

Contact: Dave

Telephone: 0401 202 906



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