'The Shed' - The People - The Philosophy

The dream takes root...


Over 25 years ago, Gary Vaughan decided that there weren't enough services to help people who were going to the snow. Too many people were over-paying for their skis and ski clothes in their home-towns, like Sydney or Melbourne. Back then, almost nobody had mobile phones and the internet was almost non-existent, so unless they picked up the yellow pages and ran up their phone bill, they really had no way of knowing where the best rates were.

From those early beginnings the business has blossomed into a place where people can come and hire what they need without having to haul it back and forth in their car.

Gaining a following...
Gary philosophy of happily catering to each customer's individual needs quickly gained them a large following of devoted customers. These loyal fans also coined a nickname for the business, simply calling it 'The Shed'.

Gary has been leading the way by keeping things simple. We believe in finding the right equipment for the right person so that you have a safe, fun and enjoyable time on the mountain.

Keeping It Simple, Keeping Customers Happy, Keeping Them Coming Back...
Thousands of first-time skiers, skiing veterans, families, couples, young groups and everyone in between visit "The Shed" each season to rent their equipment, have their skis and boards fine-tuned or just to check up on the latest snow news. Many of these are life-long loyal customers who've come to appreciate the reliable good service and the security of knowing they'll get high-quality, friendly service and great equipment every time. Most days you drop in you'll find Gary out on the floor helping the staff provide customers with that personalised attention that has become the mainstay of the business.

The People Who Make The Shed...
Between our staff there is over 120 years of skiing and snowboard experience, from all over the globe. One of the secrets to our success is that we're skiers and snowboarders ourselves who know what we're talking about because we spend our free time out on the slopes!

Thank you for visiting our The Shed website. From Dave in Sydney to everyone else in 'Jindy', we look forward to meeting you on your next visit to the Snowy Mountains.

Cheers from the "The Shed" !!


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